EGY-NADO is a sport agency with an independent legal personality.
it was established by Ministerial Decree NO.208/23-03-2017 of the minister of youth and sports.
EGY-NADO is the only institution responsible for all Anti-Doping program and activities in the country.
EGY-NADO has signed the code and complies with the code international standereds and best practices issued by the world
ANTI-Doping Agency(WADA).

our vision

Ensuring fair play, protecting athletes’ health and safeguarding the integrity of sport by preventing the use of performance-enhancing substances or methods.

our mission

Carrying out doping tests, educating athletes and athlete support personnel about Anti-Doping rules, investigating allegations of doping and sanctioning those who violate Anti-Doping rules. Ensure that competitions are conducted in a clean and ethical manner.

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