The International Standard for TUEs (ISTUE) is the reference standard for the Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization  (EGY-NADO) TUE application process. The definitions outlined below comply with the ISTUE.

What Level Athlete am I?

The athlete’s level i.e. whether he/she is a *National Level an *International Level Athlete is important in determining when they need to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) – *in advance (before taking part in an event) or retroactively (post-event, should they get tested and test positive, as per “other athlete” classification).

Athletes who meet the EGY-NADO criteria for National Level Athletes (or the International Level Athlete criteria set by their sport’s International Federation) need to apply for a TUE before they take a medication which is prohibited in sport (unless it is a medical emergency, in which case a retro-active application will apply).

 Remember, it is your responsibility, in the context of anti-doping, for what you ingest and use.

If you are elevated to the status of a National Level Athlete, you need to check the status of your medication immediately as this means that you need to apply for a TUE if you are using a prohibited medication and/or a prohibited method.

It is therefor important for athletes to understand whether they are classified as a National, International Level Athlete or Other Athlete.

EGY-NADO determines the criteria for a National Level Athlete (in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code and the EGY-NADO Anti-Doping Rules). If you meet any of the below mentioned criteria you shall be deemed a National Level Athlete and you need to qualify for a TUE in advance:

a. Athletes who hold a professional Egyptian licence to compete.

b. Athletes in the EGY-NADO Registered Testing Pool, Testing Pool or other pool, if any.

c. Athletes that participate in National Competitions or Events or in selection events for National Competitions or Events in the sports .

d. Athletes that represent Egypt internationally but are not in an International Federation’s Registered Testing Pool.

But if any such Athletes are classified by their respective International Federations as International-Level Athletes then they shall be considered International-Level Athletes (and not National-Level Athletes).

With reference to point c, athletes who compete in the competitions, events and/or are selected for the senior national teams as specified in the sport codes and disciplines below need to apply for a TUE in advance:

  • If you are competing in an event that qualifies you as a National Level Athlete, you should have a TUE in place seven (7) days prior to the event start date and it should last at least for the duration of the event.
  • If you are selected in a national team and you need to take a prohibited medication or use a prohibited method for therapeutic reasons, then you should apply for a TUE as soon as you are selected. If you lose your place in the team due to injury or performance, you still qualify as a National Level Athlete for this period i.e., for the calendar year in which you were part of the team and you must have a TUE in place as you could still be tested during this time.

a. As per the criteria for an International Level Athlete is determined by a sport’s International Federation (IF).

b. One of the potential criteria is your inclusion in your International Federation’s RTP. Your IF will inform you of your inclusion in their RTP.

c. Another potential criterion is your participation at your IF’s highest-level International Events. You may check with your IF, either directly or via your National Federation whether you are considered to be an International Level Athlete.

d. If you are competing at an IF’s International Event, and you need to use a prohibited medication or method for therapeutic reasons, and you already have a TUE granted by EGY-NADO, you should check with your IF whether it will be recognised automatically, or you will need to apply for its recognition. If you don’t have a TUE granted by EGY-NADO, you should check with your IF whether you are considered to be an International Level Athlete for the purposes of that International Event.

All other athletes (including Recreational Athletes) qualify for a Retroactive TUE, which means you only need to apply if you are tested and you are using a prohibited medication or method for therapeutic reasons.

A retroactive application only allows you the opportunity to apply for a TUE. In order to be granted a Retroactive TUE, the EGY-NADO TUE Commission must be satisfied that all the criteria set out in the ISTUE are met. EGY-NADO recommends that you gather the relevant medical information in advance, to be prepared, in case you need to apply for a Retroactive TUE.

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