This policy describes the personal information processing that will occurs in connection with

your submission of personal information for different EGY-NADO needs within its Anti-Doping

Program while following the World Anti-Doping Code and the International Standards

All of EGY-NADO’s staff and other third parties who may have access to Personal information

of an athlete according to case-by-case basis have signed confidentiality and privacy agreements

to ensure privacy and trust


 *The personal information (including your name, date of birth, contact details, sport and discipline ,and if applicable 

 diagnosis, medication, and treatments);

* Medical information and records provided by you or your physician(s) in TUE applications.

*  In process cases of Anti-Doping Rule Violations

 Other Activities of The Doping Control program including Planning, Test distribution,sample collections,lab Results and

   Result management.

 * Medical and Biological information derived from Sample analysis (sensitive personal informations).

 * Whereabouts Filings


Your PI will be used in the process of evaluation and investigation. it could be used for other purposes in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code (Code), the International Standards  anti-doping rules of ADOs with authorities that are involved in the Anti-Doping program including 

  • Results management in case of adverse analytical findings and in investigations.

  * For the Eligibility for a TUE.

 * For testing criteria and target testing.

 * For publishing on the EGY-NADO website AFTER FINAL decisions of an ADRV  including (Name, Sport, Sanction duration and prohibited substance found)


Your PI, including your medical or health information and records and any results included in theADAMS or Sample collection data, may be shared with the following:

 *ADO(s) responsible for making a decision and will also be made available to ADOs with testing authority and/or results management authority over you;

  • testing authority and/or results management authority over you;
  •  WADA authorized staff;
  • member of  the TUE Committees (TUECs) of each relevant ADO and WADA; and  Other independent medical, scientific or legal experts, if needed in case of TUE requeMembers of the TUE Committees (TUECs) of each relevant ADO and WADA; and Other independent medical, scientific or legal experts, if needed in case of TUE request 

Due to the Sensitivity of Personal information only a limited number of ADO and / or WADA staff will receive access to your Personal information according to the process needs. ADOs (including WADA) must handle your PI in accordance with the International Standard for theProtection of Privacy and Personal Information (ISPPPI).

Your PI will also be uploaded to ADAMS by the EGY-NADO staff who receives your application and are only approved to do so after signing a privacy agreement and if access is needed by other parties through ADAMS when necessary.


You have rights with respect to your PI under the ISPPPI, including the right to a copy of your PI and to have your PI corrected, blocked or deleted in certain circumstances. You may have additional rights under applicable laws.

Also, you have the right to know if your personal information is being used by the EGY-NADO.

Where the processing of your PI is based on your consent, you can revoke the use of your  personal information at any time, including the authorization to your physician to release medical information for example (as described in the Athlete Declaration in the TUE. To do so, you must notify EGY-NADO. If you withdraw your consent or object to the PI processing, your TUE will likely be rejected) and can cause the Athlete ineligibility for future sports participation as ADOs will be unable to properly assess PI in accordance with the Code and International Standards.

In rare cases, it may also be necessary for EGY-NADO to continue to process your PI to fulfill obligations under the Code and the International Standards, despite your objection to such processing or withdrawal of consent (where applicable). This includes processing for  investigations or proceedings related to ADRV, as well as processing to establish, exercise or defend against legal claims involving you, WADA and/or EGY-NADO.


All the personal information, including medical information, findings and records, and any other information related to the Athlete must be handled carefully in accordance with rules in the  ISPPPI, EGY-NADO’s staff must also sign confidentiality agreements and strict medical confidentiality when applicable. EGY-NADO must implement strong privacy and security measures to protect your PI. The ISPPPI requires EGY-NADO to apply higher levels of security to TUE information, because of the sensitivity of this information.


Your PI will be retained by EGY-NADO & (WADA) for the retention periods described in Annex A of the ISPPPI. 

Unless these retention times are in breach of applicable law. EGY-NADO will evaluate the retention time needed for different Anti-Doping activities including testing, investigations,ADRVs, Sanctions and Granting of TUEs.

For Contact and Complains 

An athlete Can submit a complaint when he/she believes that EGY-NADO is not complying to the International Standards.

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