Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)

Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)

The athlete may have diseases or conditions that require the use of the medication listed in the World Anti-Doping Ban List. EGY-NADO may grant an exemption from therapeutic use (TUE) in these cases in accordance with the International Standard for WADA.

A comprehensive TUE application process designed to balance the need to provide athletes access to important drugs while protecting the rights of clean athletes to complete on the pitch.

To find out whether you are required to hold a TUE in advance or not see the

An athlete not required to apply for a TUE prior to competition can make a retroactive TUE application to EGY-NADO. Any athlete requiring a retroactive TUE has five days post the receipt of an adverse analytical finding (AAF) to submit a retroactive application. Typically an athlete will receive a letter by courier to confirm an AAF and inform him/ her of the requirements to apply for a retroactive TUE for the prohibited substance detected in their sample. The EGY-NADO may also contact the athlete to make them aware that this correspondence is on its way, in relevant circumstances.

We encourage any athlete who has been tested, without a TUE in place who may require one, to contact EGY-NADO to discuss the process to better understand their rights and responsibilities. Even if an athlete is eligible to apply for a retrospective TUE, checks should be made with the prescribing physician that the criteria and medical evidence needed by the Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee (TUEC) can be met before the athlete uses any prohibited substance or method.

Medical evidence to justify the use of a prohibited substance or method must be attached to the application form. A TUE application without medical evidence will not be reviewed by the EGY-NADO.



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