(TUE) Application Process

(TUE) Application Process

TUE Application Process:


1- An Athlete who needs a TUE should apply as soon as possible. For substances prohibited In-Competition only, the Athlete should apply for a TUE at least 30 days before his/her next Competition, unless it is an emergency or exceptional situation. The Athlete should apply to the Egyptian National Anti-Doping Organization (EGY-NADO) or International Federation.

2- EGY-NADO has the TUE application form that should be used available for download on the website, and in the Organization’s office.

3- The Athlete(National aldthlete) should submit the TUE application form to EGY-NADO office ( 12 Milsa building(AlNozha investment Project) behind city starsMall. The form must be accompanied by:


a) a statement by an appropriately qualified physician, attesting to the need for the Athlete to Use the Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method in question for Therapeutic reasons; and

b) a comprehensive medical history, including documentation from the original diagnosing physician(s) (where possible) and the results of all examinations, laboratory investigations and imaging studies relevant to the application.

4- The Athlete should keep a complete copy of the TUE application form and of all materials and information submitted in support of that application.

5- A TUE application will only be considered by the TUEC following the receipt of a properly completed application form, accompanied by all relevant documents. Incomplete applications will be returned to the Athlete for completion and re-submission.

6- The TUEC may request from the Athlete or his/her physician any additional information, examinations or imaging studies, or other information that it deems necessary in order to consider the Athlete’s application; and/or it may seek the assistance of such other medical or scientific experts as it deems appropriate.

7- Any costs incurred by the Athlete in making the TUE application and in supplementing it as required by the TUEC are the responsibility of the Athlete.

8- The TUEC shall decide whether or not to grant the application as soon as possible, and usually (i.e., unless exceptional circumstances apply) within no more than 21 days of receipt of a complete application. Where a TUE application is made a reasonable time prior to an Event, the TUEC must use its best endeavors to issue its decision before the start of the Event.

9- The TUEC’s decision must be communicated in writing to the Athlete and must be made available to WADA and to other Anti-Doping Organizations via ADAMS.

a) A decision to grant a TUE must specify the dosage(s), frequency, route and duration of Administration of the Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method in question that the TUEC is permitting, reflecting the clinical circumstances, as well as any conditions imposed in connection with the TUE.

b) A decision to deny a TUE application must include an explanation of the reason(s) for the denial.

10- Each TUE will have a specified duration, as decided by the TUEC, at the end of which the TUE will expire automatically. If the Athlete needs to continue to Use the Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method after the expiry date, he/she must submit an application for a new TUE well in advance of that expiry date, so that there is sufficient time for a decision to be made on the application before the expiry date.

11- Where an Adverse Analytical Finding is issued shortly after a TUE for the Prohibited Substance in question has expired or has been withdrawn or reversed, EGY-NADO shall consider whether the finding is consistent with Use of the Prohibited Substance prior to the expiry, withdrawal or reversal of the TUE. If so, such Use (and any resulting presence of the Prohibited Substance in the Athlete’s Sample) is not an anti-doping rule violation.

12- In the event that, after his/her TUE is granted, the Athlete requires a materially different dosage, frequency, route or duration of Administration of the Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method to that specified in the TUE, he/she must apply for a new TUE. If the presence, Use, Possession or Administration of the Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method is not consistent with the terms of the TUE granted, the fact that the Athlete has the TUE will not prevent the finding of an anti-doping rule violation.

*International Athlete Should Apply Directly To IF .and The IF Shall Grant or Deny  the TUE.*

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